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Volunteer to be an online mentor

Find out more about the upcoming IDS online mentoring and how you can be a featured mentor

Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash
Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash

In preparation for the launch of IDS's online mentoring (expected early Spring 2019) you can now sign up to be a featured mentor

How to sign up

To start please login at and go to the careers page and update the ways you would like to help.

Once you have selected you will see a slightly different version (below) when you log-in and you can click here to edit your mentor settings/status at any time.

Clicking edit mentor status will take you to the settings tab of your profile (example  below) where there are some extra controls for mentors that allow you to:
  • Change 'how' you are willing to help (e.g. restrict your help to career advice only, or job interview prep only)
  • Limit how many people you're willing to hear from at any one time (counts 'active' interactions only, any closed interactions will not contribute to the limit)
  • Option to temporarily hide yourself from the mentoring programme for 30 days because you're busy or to permanently opt out of the programme and be hidden from the search results completely.

How will it work?

Once the mentoring module launched online members of the IDS alumni website (IDS students and alumni) will be able to search for and find people to ask for careers support. When they conduct a search the results will show those who have volunteered to help at the top of the list, and all other online profiles that match the criteria underneath this. The results will not show people who have opted out (temporarily or permanently), mentors who have restricted their number of interactions and who have reached their limit, or people who do not meet the search criteria.

If you match the search of an online member looking for help you will receive a personal message from them with a series of options of how to respond (example below).

By clicking on one of the links you will be able to communicate your decision back to the IDS alumni office. If you reply to say you can’t help either temporarily or permanently this will automatically change your settings in your alumni website profile.

If you have any questions about online mentoring please contact the IDS alumni office

Useful videos about mentoring

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