Call for Papers: Micro-level analysis of centrifugal societies June15

Call for papers from International Security and Development Center (Germany), IDS and the Households in Conflict Network

Research, By Thomas Haynie CC BY 2.0 Research, By Thomas Haynie CC BY 2.0
International research workshop: Micro-level analysis of centrifugal societies
Berlin, Germany, on 20-21 September 2018

Hosted by: ISDC - International Security and Development Center, the Institute of Development Studies (UK) and the Households in Conflict Network .

CALL FOR PAPERS: We invite submissions of complete papers or extended abstracts in any relevant discipline by 15 June 2018.

At the core of the workshop will be a micro-level perspective of the drivers, forms and impacts of what we call centrifugal societies. We understand the micro-level to encompass people, households, groups, communities and firms. We invite papers that offer strong conceptual understandings of the issues emphasised in the attached document, empirical analysis using either quantitative or qualitative methods or studies of interventions to strengthen societies and individual pro-social behaviour. We are also interested in papers discussing novel data or new methods of analysis. Contributions may focus on any one country (North or South) or use pooled individual observations across countries.

We give preference to complete (draft) papers over abstracts; submissions should be in English.

Diverging from previous calls for papers from the Households in Conflict Network, we will also consider highly relevant published papers, which would facilitate the identification of research gaps and future research agendas.

Presenters and participants will have to organize and finance their attendance themselves. A workshop fee of 50 Euro will be charged to all participants. Accepted papers may be considered for publication in the Households in Conflict Network working paper series.

Full call document: Centrifugal Workshop